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YOUR TOUR: Custom expert tours created just for you
Format: 08/19/2016
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"My two friends and I had the best time when we took a tour with Zach! We went all over Manhattan Island, and even into Brooklyn. I had no idea that we could cover so much ground in such a short period of time. I highly recommend Travelgoat tours to everyone."
"Travelgoat Tours are the real deal; Zach is an energetic and genuinely enthusiastic fountain of information and fascinating stories. He is also razor sharp and can effortlessly adapt the experience he delivers according to the personalities and interests of the lucky guided ones. After experiencing countless high-end tours across the globe, my family and I agree hands down that the experience Zach provided has been our most delightful, non-touristy and unique one yet, and we have lived in NYC for years! You will laugh out loud, utter "wow" continuously and leave with your appetite for urban exploration fully satisfied. "
"What a tour - great pacing, excellent city knowledge and a terrific story teller. It was certainly a highlight of our vacation. Not only was it fun and educational, we saw parts of your great city we never would have found or known about - it also helped us decide what things to do for the rest of the week enhancing the rest of our stay."